Friday, 1 June 2012

My First Cuckoo

The call of the cuckoo echoed across the valley this morning as we walked the dogs on a different part of the countryside near to our house. I would never have found this area on my own as it is just off the edge of our moor map - but I was shown it by a teaching colleague when we spent a very happy day with children from my school. The Curate and I returned again this morning to have the whole area to ourselves - except for the wildlife. 

There is something beautiful about the sound of a cuckoo that makes you stop and listen, willing it to call again. Personally, I think that is the only beautiful thing about a cuckoo- as it is such a self centred bird.  When it has decided to intrude on another bird's nest, it pushes the other eggs out so it can lay its own egg. Even knowing this, hearing the first call of the year, is still special.

We walked down to the rivers through the flowering hawthorns. We were just in time to see a heron take off and lazily flap its way up stream. Being there so early and completely alone, was a very magical experience. 

This is yet another stunning spot that we are able to enjoy and I am very grateful to my colleague for introducing it to me.

It will be very difficult to move away from such beautiful surroundings......if that's what The Curate is asked to do.


  1. We heard one cuckoo last year and I was so excited. I've heard three this year and I'm still excited. There's something magical about them!

  2. Very beautiful indeed. And yes, the cuckoo's call is lovely but that's about all you can say about it. Not knowing whether you are staying does make you appreciate all that's around you, doesn't it. Axxx

  3. How cool. I really thought you could only hear a cuckoo through the chimes of a clock! lol
    Your country side is just beautiful, I could happily walk down that way every day.
    Still love that you have wild ponies wandering around.
    Have a great day.
    x Jode

  4. All so beautiful! I'm glad you are taking advantage of it.

  5. Feeling thankful that you share your part of God's great creation in word and photo so I too can appreciate it. Thanks and happy day wishes.

  6. Wonderful photos, Harriet! You do live in such a beautiful part of the world.