Saturday, 19 January 2013

A little snow time

On Friday the Met Office gave out a rare red weather warning for severe weather over much of the UK. Here in the South West we were going to be on the very edge of the amber warning and we were probably more likely to see rain than snow.  I really wanted to see a snow covered Dartmoor before we left the area and I wasn't to be disappointed. The highest areas were covered in a freezing fog but we were able to enjoy the views across to the moor despite a rather gloomy sky. Unlike the rest of the country, our winter scenes were very short lived - by lunch time, large areas of green could be seen again. I still have a pair of sledges that have not been unwrapped yet! In other parts of the country people suffered with power loss and icy roads. Travel was disrupted and hundreds of flights were cancelled or delayed.The snow did not bring the delights that we had been able to enjoy.
 Oh yes - and someone else thought it was very exciting to be outside in this snowy world
- Tess!


  1. I'm glad the weather came up trumps for you before you leave Dartmoor, Harriet, even if it didn't last long. Good luck with the preparations for the move.

  2. I always enjoy your beautiful photos, Harriet. Tess' eyes look as big as saucers with excitement!
    I hope your move runs smoothly.

  3. Ah, Brent Tor / Brentor looks romantice in the snow!