Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Collie on Dartmoor

This is where he is happiest - the wide open spaces of the upper moor. The Collie senses the change in the seasons, his nose raises up into the breeze and quivers - he seems to drink in the scents as we absorb the view from the top of White Tor.
The climb has been gentle but, for once, The Lakeland is lagging behind. She doesn't give up and will make it to the top because of her sheer determination. The late afternoon sunshine is very welcome as we know that there will be no more opportunities to walk this late in the day. The clocks go back one hour this weekend and so British Summer Time officially ends.

The reddish hue of the bracken is giving way to more earthy colours - ochre, tan, russet and moss. The desolate moorland resembles the uninhabited deserts of other continents. The raw wind reminds us that we are a long way from any sultry, summer temperatures.
The bold shapes of the granite rocks stand proud and imposing on the wild moorland. The silence and the emptiness create a mystical atmosphere and you can begin to believe the myths and tales that are told about these remote places.
Stephen's Grave

The Collie is at home in this landscape. The inquisitive ponies no longer bother him. The brainless sheep that follow one another in lines across our path, are of no interest. Here we can all find our own space and take time to reflect and contemplate how fortunate we are.
Sanity restored, we all head home.


  1. Harriet, you live in a truly wild and wonderful part of the world. Your photos are great, and strongly convey the aura of mysticism and antiquity. And the collie looks darn happy!

  2. Hi, Thank you. After a week off from work,I can honestly say it was not just The Collie who was looking 'darn happy'!I'd just like another week to try some painting.

  3. Absolutely stunning. Beautiful scenery, and lovely collie. I would love to walk there. Thanks.

  4. Yes lovely photos again! Our largest springer spaniel is well behaved enough to go running with the Rev. and his Triathlon friends.He loves it and it tires him out. The dogs make us exercise even when the weathers bad.Which it is 75% of the time on the West Coast of Scotland!

  5. Just discovered your blog. What beautiful photos - a mini holiday just to look at them. Thank you.

  6. Hi Tootallburd - i reckon we get pretty bad weather here - but not as cold as 'up north'. We are quite keen to have a collie springer cross one day.
    Hello Nancy - welcome - I'm glad you enjoyed the photographs

  7. A really lovely, lyrical autumn post, Harriet. From your superb photos I can see at once that this is my kind of landscape - open, empty and so beautiful.

  8. I swear you could do a big beautiful book filled with your amazing photos--and it would be a bestseller! I love having the chance to peek into your world through your talented eye. I feel all the calmer for it ;) :)

  9. Hello Perpetua - Thank you - I am looking forward to your photos from the north.
    Hi Elizabeth ....... if only (sigh).