Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunday morning

What a difference a week makes! Last weekend I didn't venture out because I had succumbed to a very heavy cold. I lay in bed reading Annie's blog about her moment of peace on a Sunday morning and remembering similar mornings when we lived in Gibraltar and not on a damp, foggy moor and under the cloud. But this Sunday - after yesterday spent by the sea, I was up and ready for the early dog walk.
This was a three service Sunday for the Curate (four -if you count attending the evening service) so he went off to the church early on his motor bike. He has to get to two more churches so the bike proves an efficient and enjoyable mode of transport. I am still finding my feet in all these churches - and it can be a bit of an ordeal to walk through those doors on my own, so this morning I enjoyed the space and the quiet outside the church.

I walked through the church yard in the early morning sunshine, listening to the single church bell ringing and  passing a few folk making their way to the early service. Seeing the lights on in the church, I thought of The Curate getting ready to lead the service. Sentimentalism, romanticism it what you will, but I found myself enjoying a moment of very English peace - and so it continued for  the rest of my walk. There is something very special about England in the Autumn (when it is not raining) and my walk called to mind John Betjeman's Poem Autumn. (I know it's not November!)

Red apples hang like globes of light
Against this pale November haze,
And now, although the mist is white,
In half-an-hour a day of days 
Will climb into its golden height
and Sunday bells will ring its praise.

The sparkling flint , the darkling yew,
The red brick, less intensely red
Than  hawthorn berries bright with dew
Or leaves of creeper still unshed
The watery sky washed clean and new,
Are all rejoicing with the dead.

The yellowing elm shows yet some green.
The mellowing bells exultant sound:
Never have light and colour been
So prodigally thrown around;
And in the bells the promise tells
Of greater light where Love is found.


October 2011


  1. An absolutely beautiful post (as usual). The images, the poetry--it's art in its own right.
    I hope you never stop blogging!

  2. Hello there
    Gorgeous montage of photos (- see I've made a comment at very long last) x

  3. Beautiful photos - I love the collage at the end of your post. And enjoyed the Betjeman poem, which I didn't know before (so thank you for that, too).
    Bon courage - and I hope your cold has now departed.

  4. Glad you like the photos - I am on my way to being fit and well, thank you. I did enjoy that late summer we have just had. Welcome Meg (-about time too!!! You can't keep lurking).

  5. Yes,lovely post.Really enjoyed it.Hoping to catch some "Autumn" when I'm down in Sussex. Autumn turns to Winter too fast in the Highlands.

  6. You capture that Sunday morning feeling beautifully, Harriet, and I too loved the gorgeous montage at the end. Thanks for the Betjeman poem too. Not one I know, but I do like his work.