Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday Morning

I woke at 4.o'clock this morning and listened to the road report on the radio saying that the M25 was gridlocked in places around London because of the snow. Lorries had jackknifed and cars were travelling too fast, the drivers were too keen to get their destinations with little consideration for others. This is the serious and unpleasant side to any snowfall in England. While I had played in the dusting of snow on Dartmoor on Friday and had hoped for more, those who have to travel today, are faced with disruption and delay in the south east of England. 
Sunday morning here is a different matter. I have walked the dogs without hat and gloves and I felt too warm to keep my coat fastened. Spring is back in business and the ground is covered in snowdrops, crocuses and early wild daffodils which yesterday, had been frosted and limp. It didn't seem possible that they would stand tall again, but there they were this morning. I was stopped suddenly by a rapid hollow knocking coming from the tree I was passing under on the way to the moor. I waited ....there is was again! It was right over my head and as I scanned the leafless branches, I caught sight of a flash of red. The woodpecker was too shy to stay around but it was thrilling to hear the hollow knocking pulsing through the clear air.

When we reached the moor, the dogs were released from their leads and they ran off chasing the scents left by the nocturnal creatures. Yesterday the ground had been frozen solid, today rivulets of water criss-crossed over the sodden turf. Only the few distant dog walkers would enjoy the sunrise with me and the clearing of the skies into brilliant blue, sliced by the wispy trail of two passing aeroplanes.
In these surroundings, and while The Curate is at work, I can toss the new ideas for our future that arrived yesterday. Maybe this is my time of prayer. Time spent in the wide open countryside is certainly time when I have the clearest thoughts. We have another invitation to explore possible future employment. It  is exciting but unsettling. 

Will we know when is the right time to jump?  Will we both feel 'called' to the next change?  Do we play safe and wait to explore vacancies in known territories?  Or should we be brave and step outside our comfort zone?   It's too soon to be having to think about the next step, but as I said, an invitation is on the table(again). 

Not a job offer just an invitation to explore............... and it is exciting!


  1. Life does sound like there is something in the offing. I hope that your path will be clear for you.

  2. Intriguing. And a early morning walk is certainly great for clear-headed thinking. I hope something good becomes apparent to both of you.

  3. Your early morning walk sounds the ideal time to think things through.

    Exploration sounds worthwhile, as it commits you to nothing initially, but may open up an opportunity that may be exactly right for you. Good luck.

  4. Hello Harriet:
    What glorious surroundings you have to stroll in, reflect and gather your thoughts. So important and so necessary in this busy world.

    And, an invitation to try something new. Well, we are all for looking into new things which just present themselves, it is as if they are meant to be.

  5. I've become such a fan of your descriptive writing and love the details of your walk, the surroundings, dogs and birds...all of it. I hope for you and the Curate will be guided in your future decisions. Best wishes.

  6. The seasons change so quickly, and how fortunate you are that you can walk in the early morning and think/contemplate. Before one commits one needs to explore. Just imagine how small the world would be without explorers, both spiritually and physically.

  7. You are so lucky to have your time on the moor. Beautiful photos. :)