Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Cake Clubs

A first birthday cake for my now 25 year old son.
 I caught a few seconds of a TV programme last week which showed pictures from a 'cake club'. The lady was filling a cakebox with slices of various cakes that had been made by members. Did anyone else see it? Or do you belong to a 'cake club'? How do they work? I've started reading groups and craft groups, I know people meet to knit, patchwork and paint ...but eating cake sounds good to me!

 I remember creating birthday cakes for themed parties just as The Vicar's Wife blogged about her son's Dr Who cake (this is far more professional than my efforts). Early efforts were ladybirds covered in red dyed dessicated coconut. I can remember pirate ships, treasure chests  and treasure islands all constructed in the kitchen the night before a birthday. ( Pirates were a popular theme for quite a few years!) Ready made supermarket birthday cakes were not available then.

 I love baking but since my sons have left home, cake baking equals inches on the waistline for The Curate and myself so I rarely make a cake these days. At work we have an enthusiastic new baker who tantalises our staff room with his latest bakes (very good lemon drizzle sponge this week).  I read blogs about baking. I enjoyed reading about Welsh cakes in  Life on a Small Island and save many different recipes but I don't often have the occasion to bake and taste.

So how does a cake club work? I'm guessing members meet and share recipes and slices of cake. Perhaps they have themed evenings - fruitcake, iced cake or traybakes perhaps. I don't know but I would love to know how to set one up. They seem to me to be an excellent way to learn new skills and recipes and a great reason for a social gathering.
If you have ideas how a cake club might run, - would you let me know?
Thank you Catherine - I have just google 'Clandestine Cake Clubs' - brilliant!
A second birthday cake for my now 27 year old son.


  1. Thomas the Tank Engine and Noddy's car are two of my favourite memories for my sons now aged 23 and 21!
    Not heard of cake clubs but have occasionally been involved and church ladies dessert evenings. At these everyone brings a favourite dessert and we each sampled them. Usually used as fund raiser.

  2. Help, not more about cakes in Lent! :-) I follow a baking blog "Baking in Franglais" which has been tantalising me too. I'd never heard of themed birthday parties when our two were small, but they always got a cake. I look forward to hearing about cake clubs if someone else can enlighten you.

  3. I saw that programme too - if you search for The Clandestine Cake Club you will find the website that includes instructions on how to set up your own club or you can search for one in your area. Happy Baking!

  4. Oh Perpetua - I know any cake is a temptation in Lent but I am only thinking about how to integrate in a new parish.....
    Jante - good to see you here - I have experienced dessert evenings - The difference with a cake club seems to be that you can take some home for later.
    Thanks Catherine - successfully googled.