Friday, 2 March 2012

While the curate's away..........

While the cat's away, the mice do play!
The Curate's away for a training weekend - he went about an hour ago and already the Collie is sulking. I don't think he appreciates a weekend with 'the girls' (The Lakeland and myself). I am actually looking forward to a bit of space and my own time management. One of the things I am still getting use to is having The Curate coming in and out of the house all the time and working from home. Having been a part time worker or at home with the children while The other half was away at sea or going out to work, I am used to my own company. I enjoyed being able to spread a project over the kitchen table and leaving it there for the day undisturbed. Nowadays I usually have to clear The Curate's books and laptop off the table as he has taken to using it because his study is so cold ( a converted garage). So I am going to make the most of this weekend and the space!
I resented these weekends when we were living apart during the week last year -  but now I appreciate a little space as we are rather squeezed into this house. I had to persuade The Curate that he did not need to come home each night ( he is 8 miles down the road!) and that I could manage. I am looking forward to spending some time catching up on the great blogs I follow (recently neglected by me), watching some of the TV we have missed on iplayer (weekdays are too hectic) and having some quiet reflection time. Quiet time seems almost impossible at the moment and I know I need to still my mind as life is very busy at the moment. 
For now - I'm off to the 24 hour supermarket to get the dog food as we have run out (and stock up on some bath smellies, some tasty snacks and Chocolate magazine). I need to be back before The Curate rings home to check up on me!


  1. Time alone is precious ... make the most of it, and the chocolate, woops, magazine!
    We have solved the problem of table space ... we both have a table, mine for crafty things, and the other for newspapers, magazines in the process of being read, and oh, for meals.

  2. Hello, If only there was room for two tables - they would have to be very, very small.I shall make the most of this weekend.

  3. I hope you've really enjoyed your weekend, Harriet. I only get one a year nowadays when DH is away, so I know what you mean about taking advantage of having the house to yourself.

  4. Harriet, I do so appreciate your sentiments for some time alone to quiet your mind. I must admit my need for that is quite strong. I do hope you have had a wonderful and peaceful time ... chocolate or no chocolate!!! :)