Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Saturday walk - Crazy Well pool

Our walk on Saturday followed yet more ancient crosses and took us to Crazywell Pool on Dartmoor. It's that time of year again when I start to think about swimming spots and I am always on the look out for suitable places for a dip. Crazy well pool looks inviting but there are strange and unhappy stories associated with it. I did not think this was a place I will be swimmming in in a hurry.
The Collie was not worried by the history and tested the waters on what was a unseasonably warm Saturday. Despite the warmth, he was determined to dry himself with a good run. It is great to have so much space to explore!
And then we see them... an army of walkers training for the Ten Tors Challenge that happens in May. Over two thousand young people will be taking part this year. Both our sons have completed the Bronze, Silver and Gold Challenges and they  became familiar with the moor through taking part. It was the end of a perfect training day for these young people and they were making for camp. Everywhere we looked they seemed to be heading towards us! Time to go home!


  1. Beautiful country! Your photo of the cross makes me want to know more of their history ... Mr Google will get a workout later.
    I can imagine how stories could evolve around such a stretch of water ... it even looks dark and mysterious.

  2. Trust the collie to go in for a dip! :)