Friday, 6 July 2012

A break in service.

Apologies for the break in blogging - The Term Has ENDed! The Curate and I (and the Collie and Lakeland) are escaping up the M5 motorway. There is a weather warning from the met office and we are expecting a month's rain in twenty four hours. It must be summer! 
We are returning to the East coast for a beach holiday. For the last few summers our families (who live there) have complained about the lack of rain in the summer months. Some people have even taken to planting drought resistant plants in their gardens. So we are leaving the beautiful south west beaches and the amazing moor ( and the rain) to head back to East Anglia and visit family before we are head to a house in the sand dunes of Norfolk. We are really looking forward to it.....and I'm not sure if internet even exists in these wild eastern places.

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