Friday, 13 July 2012

Postcards from a Broad

The weather forecasters tell us of rain and flooding across the UK and we have had dramatic changes from rain that bounces off the ground to sun bathing warmth to winter north winds. (All of this in one day!) The weather has not stopped us swimming in the sea or exploring the Norfolk countryside.
We have visited churches with thatched roofs and flint porches. We have climbed church towers and surveyed the flat lands and the dramatic weather changes.

We have stood on the sand dune that protects our cottage from the North Sea and watched sunsets silhouetting the distant lighthouse. We have seen the sea change to pink as the churning evening tide froths and foams in the dimming light.
In the mornings, we have placed the first footprints on the washed sands and found the treasures left by the turning tide. We have run on the golden white beaches and swum in the grey blue sea – often observed by a curious seal. She lifts her head above the waves to see who is making all the noise.
The Curate and I feel very comfortable and at home in East Anglia. We love the wide, ever changing skies and flat lands with their ancient broads cutting into the landscape and fields that seem to stretch to the edge of the world, and horizons broken by church towers and towering poplar trees rising up into the skies .The contrast to Dartmoor is refreshing and energising.


  1. Beautiful words and pictures.

  2. Absolutely stunning - and even managing to make me envious of your weather. East Anglia is a gorgeous place. Enjoy. Axxx