Thursday, 9 August 2012

Visiting vicarages

The Curate and I have had a great few days visiting vicarages and exploring the Isle of Man. Lots to think about! It was gloriously sunny for all of our visit. I am told that this is not usual and I did notice people were still in jeans and jumpers when we were in shorts and T-shirts.


  1. The proof that you visit was a good one is quite apparent in these gorgeous photos. So beautiful. Sigh.

    1. You need to visit your roots! I think I really do appreciate what a beautiful country we have over here!

  2. Wonderful views. So pleased you had a lovely holiday. I was amazed to see nasturtiums growing so close to the water! [I love nasturtiums for their cheerful colours, and ease of growing!]

  3. Yes the nasturtiums were so unexpected and fantastic to look at! Mine haven't grown in the garden this year after such a wet winter.