Friday, 24 August 2012

Fun loving, sweet natured female would like to meet........

I am sitting watching the water from our over flowing gutter splurge down the window and onto my long suffering geraniums that have yet to flower. We are now at the beginning of the Summer bank holiday.....ha! The Curate and I are fortunate to have had our holiday and now he is back at work. I am wrestling with restlessness as we wait for the Curate to be able to apply for his next job. I am in limbo....again. But at least I am not in a tent! (My heart goes out to all the happy campers who have arrived in the West Country today - I hope that they can find a dry pitch.)

There has been a few developments on our home front that have been distracting me and which may impact on our lives - if all goes to plan. The Collie has responded to a local advert and he is in the process of getting to know a very lively young lady collie. At the moment it is just walking and talking and meeting on the moor. He seems very taken with her. She is a little in awe of him at the moment but these things take time! I wonder if there will be the patter of tiny paws before Christmas?
 We are managing to get out onto the moor between showers and The Curate and I are still climbing tors and we record the trig points we have conquered by highlighting them on the map in our downstairs cloakroom. Our latest walk was up Sourton Tor (1447ft). We were able to dash up and down between the rain showers. The views were excellent and we had the fun of finding a letterbox.
We have not really got involved in Dartmoor letterboxing which involves finding hidden boxes (similar to Geocaching but without the technology) but it is always fun when we stumble across a box on one of our walks. There is usually a sealed box which contains a rubber stamp and a place to leave your own stamp. You then return the box to its hiding place and continue your walk whilst taking in the  views.

 And it doesn't rain all the time!


  1. Lovely! Hubby and I are marking off all the tors and hills on Dartmoor as we do them. Celebrated our 200th at the weekend - still nearly 200 to go though! We also don't letterbox but quite like stumbling upon them.

    1. I'm impressed! We've been here just over a year and, according to our map, have only chalked up 50. I could blame the weather or the firing range but I think it is because we returned to our favourite places too often (White Tor, Widgery Cross...).