Sunday, 2 September 2012

And now it's all over

So that's it ! That was summer! Next week I am back at work and autumn is well and truly heading our way. It has been the wettest summer for a hundred years but the Curate and I have had a great time. What has made it so fantastic? The public celebrations set the tone, from the Royal Jubilee to the Olympics and now the Paralympics.  On a personal level, perhaps it is because The Curate knows he is at the end of his training and we can begin to look forward. Perhaps it is because I have made decisions regarding my work. Perhaps it is because both sons are back in the UK.  Perhaps it is because we have managed some stress free time away, we have caught up with family and managed to take two very well behaved dogs with us. Perhaps it is because I have taken full advantage of living near the moor and have been able to ride regularly. All in all - an excellent summer!

So now what? Job adverts and applications become The Curate's focal points while he carries on serving in his present parish. After a summer of officiating at weddings, he is fully wedding trained and he has become quite an expert on the practicalities of various wedding dress designs. He has managed to not drop the rings or step on the wedding dress. He has lost his sermon and had to go looking for it during the hymn singing and managed to conceal his panic. He has calmed excited bridesmaids and handed hankies to bridegrooms.
Perhaps the secret to the success of this summer has been to ignore the weather and totally immerse ourselves in all that has been going on. After all, skin is waterproof!


  1. Wishing you a warm sunny September - All Brits deserve this after the fantastic show that the UK has put on this summer.

  2. Thank you - hasn't it been fun! A late burst of sunshine would be a fantastic finish to the season!

  3. Happy Autumn!!! If we allowed the weather to dampen our enthusiasm we would be forever sad. A new page in your journey is about to be turned ... best wishes. Lol ... I still see a book from you!!!

    1. Hello! You must be approaching spring/summer - it's all very strange to me! We seemed to have had summer in the spring. I was just looking at the blue skies in the photos of our trip to London in April. Not a cloud to be seen!
      Looking out for the turning sign posts!!!!