Friday, 21 September 2012


Harry Worth and the shop window!
Last week The Curate and I walked down the street and I had tears pouring down my face. It seems such a long time since we have laughed so much that I was crying ...and in a public place. I suspect onlookers may have thought we were drunk but, as it was only mid morning, this was not very likely for us. I can't repeat what was making us laugh so much but it was deliciously childish. It felt so good! It reminded me of how my father would laugh at the antics of the TV comedian Harry Worth in the 1960s. Slap stick humour that hurt no one and was so innocent compared to today's comedy. Too often people think it is acceptable to laugh at others rather than with others. What is funny for one group of people may be at the expense of another group.

In responses to my last post, I was advised to have fun now that I am about to set off in a new direction with The Curate. So what constitutes fun? Is it a self centred concept? I'm beginning to think it might be. I enjoy activities that involve other people having fun such as ensuring my sons celebrated their birthdays properly and had loads of fun - But was that me having fun? Or did I get my enjoyment from being a 'facilitator'. 

'Fun' for me, as opposed to 'entertainment' is when I experience a guilt free, child like giggle that starts at the base of my stomach and rises, like a bubble, through the whole of my body. Sometimes this is openly  expressed (as with The Curate last week), other times it is expressed as a sense of warmth and well being and that all is right with the world because life is fun. Of course, the most awkward times are when that giggle bubble starts and has to be suppressed because it is not at an appropriate time. As adults, the latter is usually when we (or others) judge ourselves as being immature or childish. Isn't it good to see the world through the eyes of a child? How foolish and self important we make ourselves sometimes. 

So I am setting out to have some fun (at no one's expense) and discover who I am and what makes me tick!


  1. Here's to wishing you lots of joy trying to find out exactly what fun will mean for you. J.

  2. That's what I meant by fun ! Not getting stressed about change but going with the flow, having a good laugh, enjoying the journey....! Jenni

  3. Have a great adventure of discovery. Have lots of fun. Laughter is very good for you.