Thursday, 6 December 2012

Living in the now - again.

 I write this having returned from riding on Dartmoor. It is a gloriously clear crisp day and I am taking every opportunity to seize the day while we are still here. At the moment my life is a tumbling mix of house moving meetings, puppies, house sorting, Christmas preparations and visiting . I wrote about 'living in the now' in my last blog and since then Julie and Nick Palmer (who have been friends since college days) sent me a link to Nick's article about Living with Motor Neurone Disease (click to link). This is an amazingly inspirational, but down to earth, piece of writing in which Nick shares his experiences of MND. It is an excellent insight into having to live in the present.

Julie and Nick have forwarded me a copy but why not read it on the Platform 505 web pages?

If you do only one thing today - make sure you read this article.


  1. Wow... how incredibly powerful. My own current health problems hold a good chance of a positive prognosis...not sure how good, and I dont really want to hear statistics.....but living in the now has already become my new mantra....Julie and Nick are amazing, thankyou so much for sharing this. J.

  2. Just off to do so. Lovely pictures.