Friday, 14 October 2011

A Clydsdale Adventure.

Ready for action?
I have finally shifted the cold that has been dragging me down for nearly three weeks and as the weather was set to be fair, The Curate arranged a day out. He is training all day Saturday and working the morning and afternoon on Sunday  - so today was our weekend. He had a short service this morning and then we ventured across the river into Cornwall. 
We stopped for lunch in the Blisland Inn which just happens to serve very good real ale. This was our sort of pub! Perhaps The Curate thought he was in need of a little courage before the afternoon's adventure.
After a wander around the village and a visit to the church (more of that another time) we headed onto Bodmin moor and met with Tim and Becky who run the Adventure Clydesdale.
The Curate measuring the horses up for size
Now The Curate hasn't done much riding but he has always been prepared to have a go. Clydsdales are big as horses go - but these were delightful horses to ride. They are not 'nose to tail' trekking horses so we both had a fantastic ride. We rode out onto Bodmin and enjoyed the spectacular scenery and horses. There can't be a better way to see the moors than from the back of a horse.
I had a perfect day (- I hope The Curate will not be too stiff by Sunday!)               

a short canter



  1. Looks like you had a fantastic time.

  2. Hi Bonnie - It was great. The Curate was totally smitten by the Clydesdale horses - their size and nature. I'll just have to keep on working for a bit - riding is never a cheap sport to take up.

  3. That does look fun ( & how much nicer than struggling up the tors by foot -puff!)

  4. So Meg - when are you going to come and try it too?

  5. Gorgeous horses, gorgeous countryside. Not being a rider, I also think you are incredibly brave - though the horses look wonderfully gentle.

  6. I love horses, especially the big working ones, but am sadly very allergic to their hair, so can only admire them from afar - as here through your photos. Thanks for this.