Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Creativity - The Other Half of my birthday (01/04)

Have climbed to the roof top of Devon on Sunday morning, The Curate and I returned to an excellent Sunday lunch in a pub, with Youngest Son and his girlfriend (NQT). Inspired by our trip to the David Hockney exhibition, I had decided that the afternoon was to be spent being creative as NQT had given me four small canvasses and some acrylic paints as a Christmas present. Until now they had not been used. If you are ever stuck for a family present, - this is a brilliant idea. None of us claim to be artists but enjoyed the challenge of being creative. The concentration, the re working, despair, laughter and discussion made for an excellent afternoon's entertainment. 

We were also joined by my eldest son and his girlfriend in Australia - we put the web cam on, and they watched 'the therapy session' thanks to Skype! 
I would also recommend the paint app for an ipad that David Hockney used to create some of his work.
  It provided some light relief when inspiration failed!

None of the artists claim that their work is complete - so another afternoon has been planned. Watch this space!


  1. What fun, Harriet and yet another reason to save up for an iPad! :-)

  2. You certainly had a wonderful birthday. The painting 'gift' is different, but soooo creative.

  3. Oh I do like that penguin!
    What a lovely idea - I think my family would love to do some painting together. You are obviously a creative bunch with quite an eye for colour.
    But I like that penguin best...

  4. What fun! And I love the addition of the sequins on the last one :) Happy Birthday!!