Wednesday, 11 April 2012

More foals at King's Tor

The Curate is covering for others on holiday this week and trying to complete his portfolio for the end of his curacy.  We still managed to get out and enjoy the moor as the rain cleared and left bright, warm sunshine. We walked on Kings Tor today and when we stumbled on these two, we thought that yesterday's foals had moved up the moor. When we compared the photographs we saw they were slightly different (- maybe they share the same father!)
The pones are more exposed up here on the higher moor - and they seemed to enjoy the warm sun we had today.  These ponies do belong to farmers but they run free over the moor - keeping the moorland from becoming overgrown with gorse and bracken.

 And here are some more pictures of our local pair enjoying the sun this evening. They seem the best of friends at the moment. I will update their progress on a new page - see the sidebar panel.


  1. Oh my gosh how perfect! They are the sweetest things ever--and marvelous photos, as usual :)

  2. What beautiful photos... and what beautiful animals. J.

  3. Wonderful photos, Harriet! Thank you so much for posting them, Harriet. ;)

  4. SO sweet, Harriet and you do take such good photos. Best wishes to The Curate with his portfolio.