Saturday, 21 April 2012

Following paths.

 I am back at work and suddenly life changes its rhythms back to the early start and commute through the traffic. I have not written for a while as I need to settle back to the old routines and my eyes are very sore at  the moment so I have been avoiding computer screens.
 The Curate and I are beginning to seek out the next path by exploring opportunities that have been presented to The Curate. He has been told by his present DDO, that he can explore but not apply for a specific job. (ie 'Look but don't touch!) This is until he has officially passed this year and seen The Bishop to confirm this.   
A slightly eerie image with my reflection in it!
When I look back, I realise that I have always been intrigued by  paths. The first screen print that we bought was by the Suffolk artist,  Michael Carlo who created images of various 'mystical path'. The Curate then gave me another winter path by the same artist. While Carlo's style has now changed, I love these early pictures of reminders of my home territory in East Anglia. We have just sent them to be reframed as the cob walls in our old cottage were beginning to damage the screen. We will be able to enjoy them again when  they have been all spruced up. The David Hockney exhibition was full of different images of paths - perhaps that's why I enjoyed it so much!
While enjoying starting new paths, I realise that I want to settle - I want to (I need to) reach our destination. It's Spring and I want to plant a garden, make a home and put down some roots.
Our own mystical path


  1. Oh you have really touched a nerve with me here! I too love new paths and have always happily 'upped sticks' and moved to pastures new. But your phrase 'I want to (I need to) reach our destination' hits home (that word!). Having rented since our move to Spain 20 months ago, I am so anxious to find our house now - why is it so difficult - so that I can put down my roots and grow things too. It's such a pull. Hope you can tread your mystical path in the right direction - I'll be right behind you! Axx

  2. Harriet, it's hard to be betwixt and between, whether it's jobs or homes or anything else, so I do feel for you. Hopefully the rest of The Curate's year will fly past successfully and he can do more than just look at possible posts.

  3. I cant identify with your current yearning for settling as much as I know Annie can...but I recognise the feeling that we often spend time waiting and anticipating a next stage.....and that can be so unsettling.I'm trying to develop just being completely happy where I am....and I hope you are able to do this too, soon. This is a beautiful, thoughtful post. Janice