Sunday, 4 November 2012

There we are

Less that 24 hours old.
It is the first time I haven't had time to write a blog for over seven days and I am supposed to be retired! In the last week I have caught up with old and new friends, there have been exciting engagement and expecting baby announcements (not us I hasten to add). I have ridden in the first snows on the moor, visited the six new pups who are the offspring of our much loved Collie, seen the latest James Bond film and cooked for informal supper parties (the type of entertaining that I enjoy). Since 'retiring' I have never been so busy or so blessed! I was warned that there were not enough hours in the day by other retirees  - but I didn't believe I do!

We have had our old friend and neighbour to stay which has been lovely. Our Collie greeted her with such excitement - we have never heard him 'speak' in the way that he did when she arrived. And, of course, she totally spoilt both the dogs!.We have walked and talked together on the moor in sleet, snow and sunshine. Even the old Lakeland was determined to show she could keep up with us and climbed a tor. At nearly sixteen years old (what's that in dog years?) - I am constantly impressed by her determination.
 Then we had the news that six pups had arrived - we had been expecting to hear and so of course, we had to find time to visit the day old pups. These are our Collie's offspring and one will be joining our household eventually. How do you chose a single pup? - We would like them all!

With all this excitement going on in the house, the poor Curate is trying to prepare for another interview - somewhat tougher than the last one. I'm going along as well this time. It's a good job he manages to keep calm despite the chaos that seems to surround me! I just hope the vicarage is big enough for puppies, dogs, a Clydesdale horse (that I don't own yet....but one day!) and the alpacas I've just been to visit today(and would love to own!), the occasional visiting sons and a vicar and his wife!


  1. Your retirement is definitely not boring. The puppies are so sweet, and I'm sure you will pick just the right one, and I definitely think you should get the clydesdale, and some alpacas.
    Blessings to you both, and a successful interview for the curate.

  2. I knew it! I knew that retirement would be full and satisfying for you and this post is a wonderful demonstration of that. The puppies are so sweet and I'm sure one will soon choose you. :-) Good luck to you both for the next interview.

  3. I've oohed and aahed my way through this post, Harriet. Not least cos I'm such a Collie fan...those puppies, wish I could smell them! But nothing prepared me for the final photo - I want some!! NOW!!
    Hope the lovely retirement continues - and that all goes well at the next interview.

  4. Harriet, you sound so happily busy! And the vicarage-to-be may be quite a menagerie - love the idea!!!
    PS - the pups are utterly adorable.

  5. I'm so glad you are so happily busy and aspiring towards your very own Peaceable Kingdom! The puppies are positively adorable!