Saturday, 13 August 2011

Is this my second wild swimming spot?

This looks promising for my next dip - if only the weather would improve. 

We managed to complete this Dartmoor walk this time - previously we had turned back because the path had proved too rocky for our old Lakeland terrier. The weather was not kind on Friday and the path ahead was shrouded in cloud but we decided to press on.
The path was not clearly marked and we were glad of the guide book and the map. We met two walkers who had turned back because the path had become very rocky and difficult to pass. The river was running fast after all the rain and the continuous noise reminded us of the power of the water. We seemed to be walking very close to the river bank and the rocks were very slippery. This river is claimed to be the fastest flowing river in England and I could believe it as it rushed past just below where we walked.

 It was just after this point that I jokingly said I would take the lead to prevent Younger Sister from falling into the bogs. Seconds after uttering this, my leg disappeared into a crevasse (unseen because of the boggy terrain). For a moment - I wondered what had happened and it crossed my mind that I might be following my boot into middle earth. I couldn't feel the bottom and Younger Sister rescued the top of my boot before it was totally submerged with my leg in it and pulled it out. Between the fits of laughter as I lay prostrate on the boggy ground, we did realise how carefully we had to be. This crevasse was completely concealed by the boggy terrain.

It was now time to head up out of the gorge - but finding the path was difficult. We had to head up into the cloud and the ground was running with water so it was difficult to work out where the tracks were. The visibility was not wonderful and it reminded us how you must always be prepared when you go out - a compass is essential. We were glad we had set off in the morning so there was plenty of day light.

Fortunately for us, it was not cold - just damp - very damp!

 You can see how wet the ground is in this photo.

But when the weather lifted the views were spectacular.

So.....all I need now is a little warm weather and the river to be flowing steadily and I will be back to test the waters!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful adventure! Be sure and give a report when you return for your wild swim!!

  2. I will report back as soon as mission is completed! We have had so much rain I want to wait until the river is running a little slower - and so should be warmer. I have wimped out this week and returned to the sea to swim - no waves on the south coast but wonderful to be by the sea. i think I have salt in my blood!