Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Riding the emotional roller-coaster.

Sometimes the only way to avoid stress is to hide under a chair.

This week I have finally moved most of my personal belongings out of the south coast house. It had to be done otherwise I always had an escape from 'church life' and, maybe, believed that things could return to how they were - pre-curacy. I found it hard to pack up our bedroom and remove precious bits and pieces from around the house. This was the downward dip but like any roller-coaster ride, it was followed by a soaring upwards as I watched my son and his girlfriend begin the next phase of their lives - not quite in the same place yet.

Sometime ago I blogged about the difficulties of the university generation getting a foothold in the work place. I was glad to see Younger Son make a start with a job in the office of a charity close to my heart. His girlfriend (NQT) gained her first teaching position for September in a school close by to the south coast house. Much Deserved Success! So up we all soared for the upward ride - followed by the nose diving dip as Youngest son heard that his whole department was to be made redundant later in the year. A few days later, after a successful interview, he had found another job. This time he would be using his degree qualifications and experience - but he would be away from home Monday to Friday. So a bit of a bumpy ride while they got used to this unexpected turn of events.

I am constantly amazed by the toughness and energy of our young people (..and I don't mean those featured in the news in the recent riots). While Youngest Son has started his new job and weekly commute, NQT has flown out to Kenya with Shelterbox to help set up camps for the Somali refugees before she starts her new job. Life is never going to dull with these two around!

May our roller coaster ride keep going upward  - but it would be a very uninteresting ride if there wasn't a bump or two along the way. 

I recently found The Welly Print blog which has a lovely piece on sustaining happiness.This touched my heart and I am going to try to write my own list of 'moments, memories and activities' that keep me soaring with the eagles.


  1. Amazing how kids can send us on those rides. Congrats to you for having successful, positively focused offspring! PS I like the under-the-chair strategy ;)

  2. Sometimes I would like to get off the ride. Is that wrong of me?