Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A wild garden

The wet summer and our absence has encouraged our south coast garden to run wild. There are swirls of butterflies on the buddlia and crowds of wasps gorging themselves on the Discovery apples. The air is scented with sweet flower scents and a rather warming cider aroma from all the apples.

This tree was grown from a conker picked up in the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. It will be far too big for the garden... what shall I do?
My favourite place - overgrown!

Not our garden but my regular walk in the woods for 20 years. This view of the village only appeared after  some of the trees were cut and more were replanted a few years back - it will disappear again as the trees grow.


  1. We love your garden and I'm most impressed with your Spanish conker! When we have our own garden, we'll pop by the Alhambra and find one for ourselves.

  2. Good to hear from you. If I could send this tree home - I would! Two conkers grew into trees - I very sensibly gave one away when it was about 2 metres tall. It is in a field bank up the road and I noticed it had flowers this spring. Maybe I should just start again.

  3. Oh gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. How I love these overgrown English gardens. I have an old one, that's an acre and a half, and is, of course, overgrown, since it's quite impossible for us to keep up with it.
    I love your garden!

  4. One and a half acres - that must keep you busy Anita. I do love my garden but having to leave it to run wild can be heartbreaking.

  5. Lovely pictures of a gorgeous garden, H, rather reminiscent of the wilderness that greets us every autumn when we get back after 3 months in Normandy, but nowhere near as bad :-)