Sunday, 18 September 2011

At the end of the day.

Peace at the end of the day

Too much change - I am finding it harder than ever to get into the back to work routine and the early morning starts. After the freedom of the summer, the reality of being in a new parish is proving challenging. But at the end of the day, the Curate and I have been taking off to the hills (well - Tors to be exact) for some re oxygenating! We have been joined by The Collie and our fourteen year old Lakeland who amazes us with her agility over the rocks. We can be ourselves and remind ourselves of how lucky we are to be in the same place now.
Of course - someone always gets over excited and can't stop! 
The Collie seemed to enjoy knocking me flying!


  1. It looks so lovely there! We took our dogs and teenagers to a little sandy bay ,after "The Services". Everyone let off steam by rushing through the shallows,dogs and kids alike You need a "wind down" place on a Sunday don't you!

  2. Those look like really happy dogs...and I LOVE the boot shot!!!!!

  3. I have a border collie too. Best breed in the world! I reckon he's 8-10 years old (got him 5 years ago from a rescue) and I am hoping to get another collie puppy for him to train before his dreadful, unthinkable last day.

  4. Such peaceful scenery, just the place to unwind. The 'Lakeland' looks completely at home amongst the rocks.