Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Sailing wasn't like this in our day.

The excitement of watching this high tech racing
The Curate manning the safety boat and towing home a boat- thirty years ago (no lifejackets!).  Many moons ago The Curate and I met in the muddy backwaters of the Blackwater river - (not in the water but on the water). We raced dinghies - sailing was a hobby in those days - especially on the East coast. We didn't have branded sailing gear -  we waded in the mud in old plimsolls and cut off jeans. How times have changed!

Wooden fireballs - some homemade -being prepared for racing (no yachting wellies here!).
This is what sailing was about - peace .


  1. Health and safety today!!! Or should we call it, taking the fun out of activities?
    Now that is quite a different slant on 'where did you meet?'

  2. Health and safety would have had a fit watching us mooching about Mersea when young!

  3. Mud races, greasy poles and raft races were all so much fun - most of us survived it in one piece!
    Welcome The Fly on the web - I shall have to read how you escaped Mersea Island and got to Costa Rica.