Sunday, 4 September 2011

So...that was summer!

Our third wild swim was in a beautiful spot on Dartmoor.
As my long summer holiday came to a close, we were blessed with two days of wonderful weather and it was almost possible to forget the many wet, windy and cold days that had gone before. The Curate and I made good use of these days and, instead of rushing back to the sea, we continued our quest for inland swimming. We wanted fast running water, with reasonably easy access. The river boulders can be very slippery and make the river bed very uneven to walk on - so you just have to get in quickly! We looked for safe pools that were just deep enough to swim in but not too deep.
This last spot was idyllic and we spent the last afternoon there with The Collie. The buzzards were flying high overhead, a heron flew in to land for a bit of fishing but on seeing us took flight again - lazily flapping its great outstretched wings above our heads. The grazing sheep watched curiously from a distance - as did a group of walkers who were following the footpath higher up the valley.
 We swam and picnicked until the wind began to get a slight chill in it. A perfect end to the summer holiday.
 The Curate and I have had these last two weeks together. We have worked on our house on the south coast and caught up on gardening jobs around our present house. It almost feels like home now that I have moved in all my things from the other house.
We both feel refreshed and ready to return to work to tackle new challenges - whatever they might be. This time together has given us a chance to reflect on where we are at the moment and consider what the future might hold.

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