Monday, 5 September 2011

Sharing our Dartmoor walk

One last Dartmoor blog before I'm back to work. There is something about getting up high and being able to look down on the world. As a child, a platform in an old apple tree provided a retreat from the world - a private place. Living where we do, I can climb the Dartmoor Tors (we don't have mountains around here). I can choose the Tor to suit my mood. - Do I want a physical challenge that will blow away the cobwebs or a gentle meander uphill with space and time to reflect?
What's that on the horizon?
Sometimes someone gets there first- as happened this Sunday.
Haven't we met before?
The trig point ( or scratch post!) at the top.
To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon the verdant green
      hills is the most perfect refreshment.
                                                                                            - Jane Austin   


  1. Hello:
    What a fantastic panorama you have at the top of Dartmoor. It is so beautiful seeing the countryside lying before you like an embroidered tapestry and, seemingly, not another human being for miles.

    We wish you well in your new academic year and hope that your gloriously relaxing summer has fortified you for the demanding challenges of the classroom.

  2. Oh gorgeous. I love your photographs. We are spending a week in a cabin in Lee Abbey in Devon in October. Are there moors in Devon? Don't laugh at me. I don't really know England, except for Oxford, where I've lived for 10 years, off and on!

  3. Thank you Jane and Lance for your good wishes.
    Anita - we know the area of Lee Abbey well. You will cross Exmoor when you leave the M5. My blog is about a walk only four miles form Lee Abbey. But The Valley of the Rocks (between Lynton and Lee abbey) takes some beating - there are wild goats there! Have a wonderful stay at Lee Abbey - it is a very special place.

  4. The views from atop the moor can be superb as your photos show. We are closer to Bodmin Moor which has so many similarities with Dartmoor. I rather like your blog and will sign up as a follower.

  5. Hi Cuby poet - glad you enjoyed the blog.

  6. Thanks Harriet. Can't wait. It will be a part retreat and part family holiday, and should be really special. The 3 older members of the family might join in some of the activities, and Irene, 12, will read. We also hope to hike, enjoy the beach, and generally be happy and healthy. We've rented a beach cabin from the Abbey.

  7. I really HAVE to come south and visit Dartmoor soon! You photos give such a wonderful taste of the scenery.

    Incidentally, I wish I knew how you get the border on the photos you post, so that you can include the caption within it. Any tips gratefully received.....

  8. Hi Perpetua
    We are only round the corner from Wales!
    Technical note - I started getting the border when I changed the Template designer I think it is because this one has a colour theme background and not white. So any photographs come up with a white border.
    Sorry to take so long to get back -term has started!