Sunday, 17 July 2011

Remind me .....this is summer.

From my gardens.

It's raining again and I do not want to get up. I would rather pull the duvet over my head and doze, listening to the radio murmuring, masking the sound of rain driving at our bedroom window. But I can't, this is a three service Sunday which means I get the early dog walk so that The Curate can get off to church. The rain means socks, wellies and waterproofs - in July - I ask you! 

I have been willing the flowers in our garden to open but I fear this weather will either set them back a bit  - or flatten them. Fortunately I have been photographing the few that dare to open in my shady garden. With the wonder of technology, I can put them all together in this collage (and miraculously duplicate them) and dream of what my garden might be! 


  1. It's no better across the Channel here in Normandy, if that's any consolation, H. It's rained practically all weekend and the forecast for the coming week is dire! The plants in my tiny new flower border across the front of the house are looking very bedraggled and sorry for themselves. Still, when the rain eventually stops I'm sure they, and yours, will bounce back remarkably quickly.

  2. It sounds like we are in parallel weather universes! 59 deg (F) and rainy here in the Pacific NW. We keep waiting for summer, so laying eyes on your flower beauties is a treat! Am about to pull on MY wellies and waterproofs and go for a walk down by the lake...
    Wishing you summer, soon!