Friday, 22 July 2011

Tea and cake.

Can I recommend The Vicar's wife's malt loaf - Since seeing it on her Blog I have had several successful attempts at making it (and a couple of bricks due to my measuring skills). Here it is looking over Gibraltar towards Africa (which has got lost in the mist today). I added walnuts to this loaf and it has travelled with us and helped fill the gap between lunch and tapas in a very English tradition!


  1. Brilliant - an egg-free recipe! I have a friend who's allergic to eggs so this will be perfect. Many thanks for posting it, H, and how lovely to eat it in that setting :-)

  2. Fat free too - we eat it instead of fruit cake and without any butter/ marg- I do add extra fruit. It has held together and travelled really well which is a plus point.

  3. Lovely to see the cake in such a glorious spot. I'm so glad it's been a success!