Monday, 11 July 2011

Searching for that wild swim.

We have been searching Dartmoor for swimming spots because I am a bit of a water rat and when (if ) the weather warms up, I will need to be near water. Living next to the sea and being able to go for a quick surf or swim was fantastic for the last two years. Now we are by the moor I am setting myself the challenge to find some of the wild swimming places.
The other day we followed this river until we came to a beautiful pool. We didn't swim but it looked inviting. It is very, very cold at the moment - a few minutes paddling and I couldn't feel my toes! I guess I'm going to have to harden up!


  1. What a beautiful spite of the chilly waters. Reading your blog is like stepping in to another world...peaceful, beautiful and seemingly timeless. --Makes me appreciate my English roots!

  2. It is beautiful - we have just had a visit from eldest son and his Australian girlfriend - I think she returns to Dubai thinking that England is a quaint,rural, old fashioned country - cream teas and pasties! I must remember to take her to a few urban spots next time. We are just lucky to live here.