Wednesday, 20 July 2011

We are not alone!

 There is a slight risk that our room may be visited by an ape if we leave the doors to the balcony open. This happened last year - although we did not leave the door open. An ape had learned to throw himself against the windows and on sliding down -caught the door handle and the door swung open! Others are opportunists and walk up and down the balconies waiting for a door to be left ajar. This morning three apes were on patrol - climbing between the balconies or sitting on the roof - waiting.

 This one was looking up to the balconies - I thought he had seen me and was heading towards us! They tend to sit outside on the balcony rail - which comes as a shock when you open the curtains.

They add to the flavour of staying here - and the apes have long been associated with this part of the world.
Once inside your room they know exactly what they are looking for - sugar and anything edible. They leave a trail of footprints but didn't touch anything else of ours last year.

This morning the apes put on quite a show for the guests as they waited for any opportunities to arise! 
This notice is attached to each balcony. 

Do you know where we are yet?


  1. Are you in Gibraltar? It is 33 years since I visited the Rock that I may have forgotten what it looks like?

    Where ever you are, enjoy your break away. Our children, who were choristers, used to think that God went on holiday in August. No choir leading the services then.

  2. You've got it!We have had a day under the Levanter - due to the east wind.This gives us a chance to recover from the sunburn of the day before. We have been discovering all the bits of Gib that didn't exist when we lived here - so much land has been reclaimed and built on.
    This only a short catch up and recharge of batteries for The Curate. Gib is where it all began for him.

  3. The others got there before me, but I'd guessed it too. Glad you had a good break and ministerial batteries have been recharged :-)