Saturday, 26 November 2011

Autumn walk to Little and Great Mis Tor

Setting out with an easy objective of  reaching Little and Great Mis Tor

The weather was perfect although the light was a little hazy.

The Curate feels the need to hold up Little Mis Tor.

At fourteen years old, our Lakeland still manages to keep up. She blends into the autumn coloured moor perfectly.

The light is fading as we head down again so we quicken our step.

Time to head home.


  1. Harriet, thank you so much for posting those great photos. You truly live in an area of magnificent [and a bit awesome] scenery. I can almost see Druids peering out from those rock formations. That photo of the curate holding up Little Mis Tor was very funny. [Has he done with the puzzle yet?]

  2. Hello - The moor is great at the moment - no sheep! They have to be cleared for two weeks 'for the benefit of good animal husbandry'. It leaves a huge empty moor for this two weeks. It took me a while to work out what was missing!
    Puzzles ...hmmmmm.... neither of us will give up and can't walk by without trying to put in a piece. I'm managing about 5 pieces a day - the Curate, a few more

  3. Wonderful photos of amazing scenery Harriet. The Curate is braver than I am. I could never bring myself to stand under a rock formation like that one.

  4. The Curate looks like a mighty strong guy ;)
    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos, Harriet. What a place!! Sigh.