Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Weddings again.

Over the summer my graphic designer younger sister sent out a request for  'Vintage' family photographs - I suppose as she is the youngest of five children, she might just be excused for her assumption that we all fell into the 'vintage' age group. She said it was something to do with work so I was happy to help out. 

The project is now finished and Sister Dear has sent me a link to a particular web site to show me how the photographs were used. You too can have a lovely card with our wedding photo on it ( but actually you are suppose to personalise it with your own photo)!!

I did enquire about royalties...... !

At the last wedding we went to, a typewriter had been left out for guests to add their good wishes for the couple.... I had to explain to some younger guests how to use it as they couldn't get it to type on to the next line. Maybe that means I am 'vintage'.


  1. That's funny about the typewriter! I am of "that vintage", but never learned how to use one quickly [my mother always generously typed up my essays and projects for school] But of course, I type now, in my own stumbly way.

  2. Royalties sound good to me, Harriet, but I suppose anything to help a younger sister is OK.

    I too love the fact that the youngsters don't know how a typewriter works. That does date us, i suppose....