Saturday, 19 November 2011

A gentle man passes by.

Looking back to Geoff's parish and where we lived.

A gentle man passed by yesterday on his way to a better place. We joined many others to bid him farewell with a memorable service to celebrate his life. Geoff was the Priest in Charge of the parish where we lived when The Curate started his first curacy on the North Coast. The Curate served in the neighbouring church and then the parishes were joined together as a mission community so he worked with Geoff as well.
Geoff was a carpenter by trade and he continued this work after he was ordained. He served as a part time Priest in Charge in this North Devon parish whilst working as carpenter / builder so he was well known in the community. Geoff repaired houses and homes, restored property and people. He was straight forward and firm in his faith. His message was clear and his singing strong. We will remember him with respect and love.

'Hell is not being in heaven.'


  1. What a kind and affectionate tribute, Harriet.

  2. Geoff sounds like he was truly a wonderful man, Harriet.

  3. "...restored property and people." I love that. He sounds like a pretty wonderful man on all fronts. What a great tribute, Harriet.

  4. The world will be poorer for his passing.