Saturday, 12 November 2011

Riding out again


We are so fortunate to have had fantastic weather today and so we were able to ride out on the lovely Clydesdale horses again at Adventure Clydsdale. This time The Curate and I took Younger Son and girlfriend, NQT. Neither of them had been on the back of a horse / pony since they were very small. After all the rain yesterday, Bodmin Moor was too wet underfoot, so we rode around the lanes and bridle paths. It is the ONLY way to see the countryside. Now NQT is not that tall and these horses are very tall. I was very impressed with her courage as she climbed aboard Ben. Younger son ( who has not ridden since he was about six) had been full of bravado in the car. He went a little quiet when he saw the horses but once aboard Trotter, he looked quite at home.
These really are BFGs (Big Friendly Giants) - the horses - not Younger Son and NQT!
The Curate and Ecco heading home.


  1. Super photos, Harriet, but rather you than me. Those horses look so tall I think I would feel dizzy :-)

  2. Not so bad when you have got up on their backs Perpetua. It's the getting on and off that is a bit of a problem.

  3. Harriet, I must admit I am jealous! The scenery there is magnificent, and you were able to ride today. It is raining SO hard here, I believe my time would be well-spent working on an ark for myself and my four-legged dependents. I could just see us floating down the road, heading west towards the Pacific Ocean! :)
    PS - Bruno is wearing his flippers and snorkeling gear.

  4. Such delightful photos!! The horses are huge, but their colouring is striking ... almost makes one wish the motor car had never been invented.

  5. Oh we do have our fair share of rain - I just seem to have avoided it this week. I like the idea of Bruno with flippers and snorkel!
    Shirley - I wish the car had not been invented! These are the original Scottish plough / farm horse and are now considered a rare breed.