Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve - a day of waiting expectantly

This time last year, The Curate and I were living on the North Coast. We had snow, lots of snow and ice.  On Christmas Eve we also received the telephone call that started the beginning of our move to our present parish - what a long time ago that seems! 
An angel from a local church
It's Christmas Eve and I am waiting: 

* For the turkey to defrost.

* For the mince pies to cook.

* For The Curate to finish his sermon.

* For the last parcels to be delivered.

* For youngest son and girlfriend to land at Heathrow from Morocco.

* For eldest son to ring us from Australia to exchange Christmas greetings twelve hours early.

An angel from a local church

* For the midnight service to begin.

* For the solo singing of  'Once in Royal David's city'. 

* For the shiver of anticipation as the final Advent candle is lit.

 * For the stillness that fills the church when the Gospel is read and we can hear the Christmas story once again.

* For the cheerfully robust singing of carols that seems to always occur at midnight.

* To celebrate the birth of Jesus - Emmanuel - God with us.

Happy Christmas

Christmas Eve market


  1. Happy Christmas to you and yours. Your son will find it strange experiencing a 'hot' Christmas.
    I love your waiting list ... its full of expectancy:)

  2. This is certainly a list - full of really rather lovely expectations. I do hope you had a lovely Christmas. Axxxx