Friday, 2 December 2011

A wet walk on Chocolate box Dartmoor

This is mud ... not chocolate!
We walked near Hexworthy today. There had been an early frost with clear skies but we missed that. By the time we were on the moor, the grey skies had returned and rain was threatening.
Everywhere we look, there are scenes that would be perfect for puzzle boxes...or a chocolate box lid.
The scenery is less bleak here. The thatched cottages are thick walled, ancient and the thatch is dripping with moss. The lichen covered trees lean into the hillside to avoid the winds. The dogs run ahead, sinking into the black, peaty ground. The paths are submerged under water from the recent heavy rains and The Collie runs ahead, then turns back to beckon us on.
The rain return and The Curate quickens his pace - this is wet, cold, winter rain. Time to go home.

A welcome shelter


  1. You don't get as much moss as that without a lot of rain, Harriet. :-) Lovely pictures as always and the dogs are so sweet.

  2. Definitely chocolate box pictures!

  3. Gorgeous. Don't believe I've ever been to Dartmoor. Must rent a little cottage there for a few days and explore. Lovely photographs, as usual!

  4. Beautiful photos, Harriet. I love the scenery!

  5. Hello, so glad you stopped by, I know I'm going to love reading your blog.


  6. These are such beautiful pictures the countryside and cottages, and of course, the dogs.

  7. Welcome SP and Rubye Jack - great to have you join me. I hope you enjoy exploring my part of Devon through my blog. It is good to be able to share the good bits of where I live - and then, perhaps I won't notice the bad bits (like lots of rain)!