Monday, 19 December 2011

The Model Curate!!!

Could The Curate be searching for a new career?! Click on the ultimate clergy cape and see if you can spot him!!! 
Running from the spotlight?
It does rain a lot in Devon and The Curate risks getting very wet at any outdoor event. Ever the creative thinker and ex-service man, he decided to research bandsman's capes and found a waterproof cape that was exactly what he needed from this Scottish firm (Scotland can also be a very wet place I'm told). 

...........I'm not sure about the new career - we had to take a lot of photographs to find some that could be used! 


  1. I like it, Harriet! Looks a lot lighter and easier to wear than my full-length, heavy wool clergy cloak

  2. I like it too, but, (and I know I'm being picky here) a cheerful lining would be good.

    It doesn't have to be totally sombre does it?


  3. Goodness - I'm not selling these...just The Curate has 'posed' for the photographs. But yes - a really flashy lining would add an extra dimension (or is that a girl thing?). I shall ask The Curate!

  4. Harriet, I am still giggling! You have a wonderful sense of humor. Your photos of the Curate modeling the cloak are great. All joking aside, though, the waterproof cape really is a must-have for the wet weather.

  5. YES! Scotland is very wet. The Rev. wears a preaching cloak thing over his cassock to keep warm ,then his ski jacket and a peruvian wool hat. I walk behind him in public! He does remove the outer clothing in church though.