Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Malaise

I do notice some strange things as I am sitting enjoying a cup of tea after a lovely Christmas. I am surprised by the rather forlorn expression on Father Christmas, as he sits on the marzipan log, on top of the uneaten Christmas cake. He looks completely worn out by all this Christmas stuff!
 The Christmas tree is looking a bit bedraggled too. The Curate had to fix the lights after the tree had been decorated. So he redecorated himself. The end result was a rather random effort but we didn't notice (until now!). We struggled to find a space for the Christmas tree this year. In the end it is squeezed in by a radiator so we had to use my black Christmas tree and not have the traditional tree at all. 

We have to make a lot of compromises living in this house. Most of our decorations were stored in the attic and when I went to fetch them - we found that the attic was dripping with condensation and everything that was stored there, was either mouldy or damp. The Curate discovered this was due to a lack of roof vents. These have now been delivered and we are living around the boxes until they are fitted. How I am longing to be settled into a permanent house - but it probably won't be by next Christmas.

 For now, we are making the best of where we are but it will be a very tight squeeze if eldest son comes back next year and we are still here. (- I must stop dwelling on problems that don't exist.) 
  I notice my elderly Lakeland sitting under the Christmas tree. What a picture! We are amazed how well she is and how much she enjoys walking on the moor with us, despite being nearly fifteen years old. 

Then I see her feet!
 Oh well! 
It has been a lovely Christmas. The Curate has not been too busy - he helped out with the Midnight service and then he took the 9.30 service over in our nearby rural parish. Youngest son and his girl friend were there to meet us when we got back from the midnight service, having landed at Heathrow at 8 pm.They were dressed in Moroccan attire and had had a fantastic holiday, surfing and sunbathing. Just what they needed, for they have both worked very hard in their new jobs.  They were up and came to church with me in the morning - so a great start to the day.
Parcels from under the tree are now unwrapped and I see they have been replaced by a pair of Moroccan slippers that are proudly owned by The Curate. And I can also see a pair of felt slippers that must have been left behind by a very large elf !


  1. Crikey! You're right, he does look sad.


  2. I love your photo of tired looking cake Santa. Looks like a good place to rest! Glad you had a good Christmas! Happy New Year!!!!

  3. I wonder if we all look bit like Santa at this stage after Christmas? Happy New Year to you both!

  4. Hi! I just went down backwards your blog.
    Oh, the Boxing Day Hunt, fine looking horses and what an amount of hounds!
    My lips curved upwards immediately, when I saw the small feet of your dog ; ).
    I can´t believe your dog is 15! Amazing!
    So glad to have found your blog. I´ll be visiting your place from now on :).