Friday, 20 January 2012

Friday walk

Friday - is our day off and play time. The Curate and I usually pick a walk on Dartmoor. We had intended walking to Bellever Tor but the wind was blowing over the open moorland and we were defeated again. Before we left, we did meet some of the local ponies plus some delightful appaloosa ponies who are definitely not native to Dartmoor.
Bellever Tor  had defeated us again. This is the third time we have failed to reach the Tor. We have been defeated by the mud, the runs and the wind ( rain, illness and blowing wind!)  It doesn't look that windy in the photographs  - but it was, so we went onto Dartmeet and walked up besides the river. We passed several of the local residents along the way.

I'm hungry!
Have you got any food?
Can I come with you?
It was an easy walk today and there were plenty of native ponies sheltering from the strong wind in the valley. I think this must be a very busy walk at the weekend and in the summer, but today, The Curate and I had the valley to ourselves (except for the local, 4 legged residents).
I did need to add a little sunshine.


  1. Your photos really are wonderful, Harriet. I can see from the ponies' manes and tails that the wind is quite hard. And the pig was irresistable.

  2. What a beautiful place and such lovely photos - I can imagine the wind makes walking almost impossible. Aren't the fat ponies in their winter coats gorgeous - I hope Spring comes early for them this year! xxx