Sunday, 15 January 2012

Live for the day!

 We climbed to Widgery Cross this afternoon. This stands on the top of Brat Tor, at 1456 feet above sea level (- that's only a 450 foot climb from the car park). 

Looking up to the top, The Curate and I didn't think we would make the top this time - but we did and so did the Lakeland and the Collie.

 There was ice on the ground, clear skies and a very cold wind. At the top, I didn't dare climb up to the cross for fear of being blown off. The Curate played with his GPS to check that we were not lost!

The Lakeland was almost blown away!

 The views were spectacular and we are so fortunate to be able to enjoy them. A climb like this soon puts life in perspective!

Then it is time to head down, restored and re-energised.
One last look


  1. Gorgeous photos, Harriet and a good time was obviously had by all. Glad you had the clear, sunny weather we've been getting, even if it is cold.

  2. Great photos of the starkly beautiful scenery, Harriet. And I am glad all of you made it safely there and back.