Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A Question

The view from my place of work
This is a serious question.

When I am in my twilight years, (the time when I can’t go up on the big wheel and can only dream about the times when I did)

Will I sit by the fire and be relieved that I can afford to turn it on?

And be glad that the fridge is full and know where the next meal comes from?

Will I be pleased I can afford the thermals from the catalogue that arrives on my doorstep every month without fail (I am a valued customer)?

A short holiday when the weather brightens up is a real possibility.

Will I value that financial independence that I worked so hard to achieve?

Or will I regret lost opportunities:-

Not seizing the moment when I could?
Not taking that risk?
Not flying by the seat of my pants!
Not dreaming the dreams and making them a reality?
Or, at the very least, having a go?

When I am in my twilight years, will I relive those moments when I dared to step off the treadmill?

Will I recall the sense of fulfillment, excitement, fear as I tried to follow my dreams?

Or will I say to myself, as I open another bill and turn down the heating;-
“You fool; it didn’t have to be like this.”


  1. Searching questions, but ones I think we all have to answer for ourselves, Harriet. I'm not yet in my twilight years, but when I look back from this point in my life I can't see much I would have wanted to be different.

  2. Harriet, that is a most serious thing to ponder. I am sitting on the other side of your fence, sixty years, and wondering how I will continue to make ends meet. I have never been a financial planner - bores me to tears. I think my only regret was not taking something like engineering at university, but then, I probably would not have become involved with horses ...

  3. Aha, our future lies in the present.

  4. Interesting thoughts, which naturally raise similar thoughts.
    In the past, foolish decisions have been made. I won´t deny that. But I can´t erase the past.
    I can make plans for the future, but will I be able to live up to the plans? I have no idea.
    What I can do, is to live one day at a time.

  5. the choice is yours...and I'm sure you will make the right one ;)