Thursday, 5 January 2012

Photographs - precious memories

Recently I have read a couple of blogs about photographs and photography. In This life wrote about the world's worst photographs and I have posted one of my unintentional worst photos here- My Toes! A reminder of summer. I had thought my camera was damaged and so I was trying a few shots while lying on the beach. The damage was as I thought, it was focusing close up and not at  distance. I just happened to have my toes in the way! I have lots of other photos which I have taken by accident and have no idea what they are,
like this one:-                      
and this:-
I also seem to have a lot of animal bottoms - sheep , horses and dogs, who turn and walk away just as I am lining up my shot. I decided they did not need posting here! The joy of digital photography means that these photographs are usually deleted. 
My son returned from Nepal with lovely photographs a few years back. There is a series of blurred photographs that I am glad he did not delete because of the story they tell. 
Can you see who is up a tree?
Can you see why they are all up trees?

The Other Me blog writes about the demise of Kodak. We all grew up with rolls of film and simple cameras that recorded our lives. Now digital photography means that we never have to keep a bad photograph. Many of my early photographs are fading. I expect this is due to the cheap developing that I used to send away for. This holiday The Curate and I are busy scanning old photos to preserve them, as some have got damaged in our house moves. He has also given me a small photo printer so that I can reprint the images and put them on my notice board. So in effect, things are going full circle!
Precious memories from the past.

I'm the baby!


  1. I've tried to get most of my old photos scanned and online, and am hoping this will keep them safe maybe forever. :)

  2. NICE toes, Harriet! :) This was a fun posting; I enjoyed all the photos. I've been trying to save some old photos, too, and never thought to use the scanner. HAH! the light-bulb goes on over my head. Thank you.

  3. Your post reminded me of a thing ( things ) yet undone in our household ( ;.
    The past few years have been easy , thanks modern technology.
    But to go through all the previous photos, dear me. Not to mention the ones inherited.
    Maybe I might have the strength to choose the ones to keep, but I´d surely be happy if someone else would volunteer to do the scanning.
    I´d even pay for that.

  4. I've just googled 'scan photos to disk' - thinking that Metscan had come up with a brilliant business venture - but like all good ideas - it's already bring done professionally by lots of companies. Oh well! I suppose I will have to go back to work on Monday. Keep thinking about a new business venture for me please!

  5. I can see why your son was up a tree, yikes!

    My DH had zillions of 35mm slides and used a service to put them on a disk - worked like a charm.


  6. Harriet: I am not a good photographer nor do I have a great camera...but it is sufficient. Once in a while I get lucky and the picture turns out really well. Even a not-great photo can brings great smiles, happiness and memories. I loved the one of you as a baby. Happy day.

  7. A great post, I love to see pictures of other bloggers.
    It was only when I started posting that I realised how bad my photographs were! And like you I have many pictures of a horses bottom or my feet. The problem with sorting through old photographs is that it takes hours..... once they come out you just have to sit down and reminisce.