Sunday, 8 January 2012

Marking the Way

 I have written before about how The Curate and I like to buy art and craft work that we both feel has some connection with our lives. When we moved to this parish  we could not find anything that spoke to us about the moor so we ended up buying Shirley the Sheep for our garden. She has graced the bottom of our garden and turned many a visitor's head when they spot her there.
Yesterday The Curate and I stopped at a craft workshop in a remote part of the moor and came across the work of  Richard Glass. His work is usually brightly coloured but he has also made a range of glassware to reflect Dartmoor. We were both taken by this particular bowl and so we bought it. It will remind us of our time here in this parish and how much we have enjoyed living so close to Dartmoor.
It marks the point at which we can look back to when we moved here and begin to look forward to where we might be going. By coming here, both The Curate and I have learned a lot about ourselves and about what being an Anglican vicar can involve. I hope to write more about this in a later blog but for now, we will enjoy our new bowl and take each day as it comes.


  1. This is one of the more beautiful bowls I've ever seen! Very nice.

  2. Oh, that is gorgeous, Harriet! Really beautiful. I thought at first that it was ceramic, which is something I love and like buying, but looking more closely I can see it is glass and very lovely glass at that. What a wonderful reminder of your Dartmoor time.

  3. Harriet, your find is truly exquisite! That is definitely one of the most beautiful bowls I have ever seen. I am glad you found such a wonderful reminder of your time in the Dales.

  4. The glass bowl is perfect. It so reminds the scenery behind and around it.
    You managed to snatch a piece of your whereabouts, to be carried along, where ever you find yourself in the future.

  5. Such a wonderful piece of art and indeed it looks like the moors. You'll enjoy it where ever you go.