Saturday, 14 January 2012

The perfect day

Yesterday was Friday - our day off, and we spent it in the happiest of ways - riding The Clydsdales at Adventure Clydesdale in Cornwall. We have ridden out several times from here. Yesterday, we had perfect weather again- although too wet to go onto Bodmin, we rode out in the Cornish countryside and had the benefit of glorious views. Nothing seems more important than living for the moment when you are with these beautiful gentle giants.

The day started with a frosty walk for the dogs on Middlemoor
Then we drove down to Bodmin to meet our mounts.
Tim. owner of Adventure Clydesdale, lead out on Faroe
I rode Tweedie
We stopped to wade up the stream to wash off the horses after a muddy ride. This is The Curate on Ben

Tweedie caught taking a little nap at the end
I wasn't asleep!

Is this a photo shoot?!
What look do you want?
I can do pretty, -  or my right side is good  or alert and interested? But don't forget ..............

to show my moustache!


  1. I think I love the tartan jacket, though that preference could be because of my Scottish ancestry.
    I read your blog to my Significant Other and showed him the photos. He recalled his only time on a Clydesdale around Mildura in Victoria, Australia and the horse did not fancy carrying a passenger. The horse took off, went under the low branch of a tree that had the [intended?] result of tipping a 10-year old boy off! I have the feeling that memory is not one of his better childhood ones!

  2. Goodness - I can't even imagine these horses doing that. As a rider, I turn up and look at the beasts and wonder if they are awake enough to go out. By these boys seem to respond to whoever is riding them and have a good turn of speed if you are up for it - otherwise they plod along. (I do wonder what it would be like to ride on an elephant!)

  3. Plodding along sounds just fine to me, Harriet. :-) I love the beauty and strength of horses but am not a rider (too timid) but I might just manage a short stroll on one of these lovely horses. Gorgeous photos as always.

  4. Well, they're certainly beautiful horses whether they plod or not. Sounds like a perfect way to spend a day.

  5. Glad you enjoyed your day off riding these fabulous Clydsdales.
    We really could use these big horses at RDA. We only have two horses above 15hh at the centre now. Finding experienced, sound and bombproof horses is proving to be very difficult!

  6. Harriet, what a wonderful day!! Going out into the fields and woods on those fabulous Clydesdales - I can't think of a better-spent time.

  7. The breed, it is a breed?, Clydsdale, is totally unknown to me. Are the horses big, I can´t see this from the pictures?
    Well, anyways, the riding you had would be ok for me too. I have had my share of just " too exciting " rides, when all I could think, that will we ever get back " home " together; )!!
    The landscape looks so beautiful. You had a real treat !

  8. Hello, yes these horses are big - they were used to pull ploughs and carts. Have a look at

    It gives you a bit more idea of their size.