Saturday, 7 January 2012

When photography becomes art at the flick of a switch!

 Oh Wow! I have just discovered that my camera is an artist! 
I can take a photograph like this one: -
then I can change the setting and take the same view and it turns into a multicoloured sunny day!

A bleak day on Dartmoor
As the light on Dartmoor often makes my photos rather dark, I'm going to have fun with this setting. I wonder what the sheep will look like?! Watch this space.


  1. Harriet, you can make the sun shine! :) I like doing the same thing with the photo editing on the computer.

  2. I need to make the sun shine living here!! Have you a photo editing package that you use and like?

  3. MarySue from Snickerdoodles said: Hopefully I'll learn more about camera settings and do great things like you Harriet. But then, where I live in Arizona we have very sunny days as the norm. Wishing you a blessed day regardless of the skies.

  4. Wow indeed, Harriet. The top picture looks more like a painting than a photo. As my eldest grandson would say - cool!

    Our camera won't do that, but we can get similar effects by tweaking the image on the computer.

  5. Technology is amazing. While I haven't altered the settings often on my camera I do have fun on a photo editing programme, and have made up pictures incorporating elements from other photos. Fun! Time waster as well!!