Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Changing skies

Hail and wintry winds blow across the open moorland. Between the heavy dark clouds, shafts of sunlight cut through the air and causing the slithers of quartz in the rough granite to glisten. The darkening skies are hostile and threatening until a rainbow arcs the gloom. 
This cycle continues - dark to light - light to dark. Underneath these changing skies, life on the moor continues as resilient as ever. 
The farms nestle in valleys away from the exposed moorlands.
The sheep continue with their grazing uninterrupted.
And camouflaged amongst the tan and grizzled grasses, the fox hounds run to and fro, seeking the earlier laid trail.
Reminiscent, perhaps, of a George Stubbs painting.

What will 2012 hold for The Curate and I? Will it be more of the same or changing horizons? By the summer, The curate will have finished year 6 of training and he will be beginning to think about applying for jobs in year 7. We have already been discussing this next move and it unsettles me although I know that the next move should be easier. We do not have a ' wish list' and so remain open to go where ever God calls us. (But having no well planned route seems a little scary to me right at this moment.) 


  1. I won´t write, that I know how you feel, as I´ve never been in a situation like your´s.
    I might be a bit scared too, scared to find myself in some totally remote area.
    But, as I have decided to live one day at a time, I just might be able to do it.
    Is it possible for you not to move at all, to stay where you now are?
    The scenery is so stunning!

  2. I wish! As a soon to be vicar in the Anglican church,The Curate must apply for jobs from the end of his training. We have grown to love Dartmoor but it is very wet here!

  3. Your beautiful photos illuminate exactly why so much literature features the moors! Beautiful, as ever. Regarding the next move: you both seem so resilient, I have no doubt you will embrace the best parts of the next adventure!

  4. What wonderful views. Make the most of the time you have there. Change can be hard but it can also be a wonderful adventure.


  5. Harriet, I am awestruck be the beauty of the moors. And from what I have read of you so far, I know you will make a fascinating and happy life for yourself [and The Curate, of course]

  6. Will it be like the Sally Army and you'll get your "marching orders" or will you have a choice in where you move to?


  7. No - quite a bit of choice - in that The Curate applies for advertised jobs....and hopes somewhere wants him!

  8. Harriet: Thank you for visiting my humble blog and being so kind as to leave a comment. Of course you are most welcomed to "visit"...always. You forced me to look up the word curator! Very interesting and I hope fulfilling to you both. Your photography is wonderful and I so enjoyed reading several of your posts. Now I'll be following you too. Wishing you a happy day from Phoenix, Arizona, USA (temperature today 78*)!

  9. Ahhhhh, so gorgeous. This whole area looks beautiful.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. Beautiful photos, both in this post and your series of Christmas posts. I'm just home and catching-up now.

    I can imagine how unsettling the prospect of another move is for you both, but at least you have choice as to where to apply and the prospect of staying in your new home for as many years as you want to. Good luck with it all.